Friday, September 21, 2012

I am a Democrat. I do NOT Support Obama

Before I begin, I want to encourage you to do more “research” on your own and ask questions. It is impossible for me in a blog post to mention everything, as well as document everything, nor is that my job or purpose. Here I merely present a little bit about my background, as well as couple news and information I have observed over the years, creating a very narrative editorial, illustrating why NO-ONE should vote for or support Barack Obama. I also realize this sounds like “theatre of the absurd” and “extreme;" but we live in a bizarre and unjust world. If history has illustrated anything, we know the majority is NOT always right; and that which was once believed to be false or untrue, is often proved otherwise. If you explore information available to you openly, from a variety of sources, you will at the very least have tremendous doubt and suspicion.

I rarely discuss politics, and although I do not like to pick sides, I am a Democrat. I have been for as long as I can remember. When learning about the U.S. Presidents, policy, and accomplishments in school as a child, besides the “Independent” George Washington, Thomas Jefferson the “Democratic-Republican,” and of course Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan, all Republicans; I have always liked the Democrat philosophy and Presidents much more than Republican counterparts.

There was also once a time, within the Democrats and Republicans, when America had Conservative, Radical, and Liberal Republicans, as well as Conservative, Radical, and Liberal Democrats. Today we have one type of Republican and one type of Democrat. But that is beside the point; I see the person, not the Political Party. Presidents who were/are Democrats most of the time are more my cup of tea. I think Bill Clinton is a bullshit artist, but was cool and wanted the best for the American people. I think Jimmy Carter although ineffective as President is a good and kind man, who always had the best interests of the American people at hand. No President did more than FDR, and another President known by three initials JFK is equally beloved. The mild mannered quiet and brilliant Woodrow Wilson, the ordinary man and former shoe salesman Harry S.Truman…the list can go on, but I digress.

There is no way in HELL that I would ever vote for or support Barack Hussein Obama. I would vote for arguably the worst Mayor of the city of NY and Democrat David Dinkins for President in a heart beat over Barack Obama. I would vote for a combined ticket with the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson over Barack Obama in a nanosecond; I wouldn’t even have to blink, they’d have my vote. I know who Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are, I know their record, and I know they are both proud to be American. So my decisions to not support in any way, shape, or form, this man cloaked in secrecy and mystery we call Barack Obama, has absolutely nothing to do with him being black or being a Democrat.

Substantial evidence that has been labeled as ridiculous and crazy and swept under the carpet, is most certainly significant and true. There is NO WAY Barack Obama is a natural born US Citizen. Barrack Obama was born in Africa. There are witnesses to his birth in Africa. His own grandmother said he was born in Africa. His birthplace is celebrated and commonly known in Kenya. Additionally, his “birth certificate” is not only not a birth certificate, but a forgery. Any good graphic designer can dissect the layers, and it is obvious that document has been falsified. No one in Hawaii remembers his birth; the doctor who “delivered” Obama doesn’t exist; and aren’t we forgetting that he wasn’t born Barack Hussein Obama II; so how in the hell would that be on the "certificate of live birth?" This document is a fake that anyone can get.

Lastly, he himself doesn’t know his “birthday” or his age. His birthday has been documented in different months and different years, and he has made numerous mistakes captured on both Social Networks and video referencing his “birthday” inconsistently. And let us not forget his Harvard Law Review Bio that was utilized for ten plus years, but oh yea, they published a mistake all that time over and over. This publication was initially printed in 1991. The literary agency “updated” the text in June 1998, but the part about Obama being born in Kenya was retained. Why? Because there was nothing to correct, and it was one shred of evidence they didn’t sweep under the carpet. Even his wife and intellectual raciest referenced a trip to his “Home Country of Kenya.” So if Barry Sotero, I mean Barack Obama is President, then Arnold Schwarzenegger can be President as well.

Time will show Barack Obama is the biggest hoax perpetrated on the American people; and his entire life is falsified. He is a real life fictional character; the Manchurian Candidate in the literal and truest sense. He came out of no-where from nothing with a very “scripted life.” Obama’s would be classmates at Columbia University, NONE of them remember him studying there. No classmates, no professors, no one even recalls ever meeting or seeing him. And with mediocre grades at Occidental, how did he even get into Columbia University, then Harvard Law School? And why are all his records sealed? How did he pay for this education? Most evidence suggests Obama received financial aid and attended Harvard as a “foreign exchange student.” When it is convenient for him, Barry Soetoro was the “kid from Indonesia” or the “guy from Kenya.” So we can say at the very least his education is cloaked in mystery and falsified, as well as his birth.

Let us throw into the mix that Andrew Breitbart was murdered; Bill Ayers is his good buddy; Joe Biden is his Vice President and "insurance policy," because nobody in the world likes Joe Biden and would ever want to see him as President; and I almost forgot the outwardly raciest Reverend Jeremiah Wright. If you believe that Obama is indeed Christian, have you listened to the Reverend Wright? The man is not sane and preaches idiocy/a bastardization of Christianity. No well balanced person would ever entertain Reverend Wright’s verbal diarrhea for even ten seconds, yet Obama and his family allegedly listened to this man preach every Sunday for twenty plus years? And Reverend Wright is often credited for giving Obama the title for his book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

I don’t believe Barack Hussein Obama is Christian. If he was Christian, he’d still be Barry. And I believe Barack Obama committed a tremendous Freudian slip when he discussed while campaigning visiting “57 States” with one left to go because he wasn’t able to visit Hawaii and Alaska, making the grand total of United States in his America “60.” And we thought George W. Bush was dumb? Why would Obama say the number “57?” A three year old child with down syndrome knows there are 50 U.S. States. There are 57 Islamic States and it is evident from Obama’s books and actions that he has an affinity for these folks. Let us not forget how Obama, the leader of the most powerful and sophisticated and free society in the world, bowed to kiss the hand of the King of Saudia Arabia? Why would anyone, especially the President of the United States of America, kiss the hand of that man?

Now let’s forget all of that stuff; let us forget his wife who said, the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country is when her husband was elected as President; let us just look at the policies on the home-front. He is selling us down the river. He doesn’t want America to continue to be the world’s greatest country. What he says, how he appears, and what he is doing, are all different things.

He bailed out just about everyone and everything with money that doesn’t exist, coupled with money that came from elsewhere, and spiraled us further into debt. Our debt isn’t even calculable anymore, and China literally owns America. He is the “food stamp” President, this is not a myth. His administration tells people not to feel bad about utilizing government services as a crutch, and in fact encourages welfare and subsidized living. If you read “Not Science Fiction,” you will see that we are progressing towards using more bio-fuels. This is significant, the cost of oil and food are going to sky rocket over the next four years as a result. Additionally, in America we just keep locking more and more people up. Today in America we have more people in prisons, correctional facilities, jails, on probation, in psychiatric hospitals, and rehab, than any point ever before in our history. But that is not something you will read anywhere else.

Obama is certainly not a democrat. He is more than just a socialist. If you read any of his books, you can see he “hates” both white people and America. He articulates his hatered and doesn’t disguise it. You will also see he has deep rooted psychological problems and has no sense of an American Identity. He is a bastard child, of different races and not a part of either race, with different religious backgrounds, a vagabond full of anger and rage, with a mother who is bat-shit cray. And he identifies with his Islamic relatives and Militant Black Muslims; those are his role models.

Today the rage are the numerous audio clips about Obama discussing his belief in “The Redistribution of Wealth.” This is not a democratic capitalistic philosophy. Let me digress for a moment. Capitalism is not and never has been our enemy. Capitalism is what drives and stimulates improvements in our society. Companies are working around the clock to create cures, and the next greatest invention; and this is because they want to make lots of money. People go to work, and work a little harder, because they want "that promotion." When everyone gets the same, and you have a very few rich and powerful with everyone else poor, and the upper and lower middle class are completely wiped out; you get no more innovation, drive, creativity, and passion. Obama is destroying America through his political philosophies and policy.

Why do you think Americans invented just about everything from the Automobile, to Computers, to DVD’s, to Sneakers, to the Telephone, to the Internet and Social Networks? Why do you think for the past 125 years America has the greatest Artists, Architects, Musicians, Actors, Doctors, Teachers, Scientists, Athletes, Homes, National Parks, Cities …why does America have the greatest everything? And why do people from ALL over the world still want to come here and live here and create a “better life” for themselves? Because we have politicians that are somewhat in-touch with reality and the American people; and we have the “greatest measure of freedom” coupled with something no other country has: “the American Dream.”

The American Dream is only achieved in a democratic, free, and capitalistic society.  A society that nurtures creativity to facilitate progress and realizes “We the People” have all the power and all the rights. We are so concerned with “equality” and “equal rights” and the political party of our elected officials these days; that we have disregarded “freedom” and “privacy.” We have such a rapidly moving media, that we quickly forget what transpired yesterday, or a month ago. If a society has a short memory and is on a quest for equality over freedom, that society will pass law after law and get neither; but if one is fighting for freedom over equality, they will get a greater measure of both.

Obama has effectively thus-far sabotaged America and the American people as well as taken advantage of this economic depression and the George W. Bush colossal fuck up. He became that which we wanted to hear and felt we needed; a “change.” He fit the bill of a Super Hero, a fresh faced African American, with a very inspired and very scripted short lived message of “hope,” “transparency,” and “optimism.”  His philosophies are like candy and cater to our current “age of entitlement.” Of course the “have nots,” and those calloused at the world, and those accepting handouts, and those sitting on Social Networks playing with iPhones, and those who think America is “fucked up,” and those who listen to the news, and those who want to steal from the rich and successful, and those who think we should love everyone and everyone on earth is beautiful, and every other moron is going to vote for Obama. These people just don’t care and don’t have the mental facilities to extract and synthesize any sense of truth from that which is presented to them. And the reason why words like "average" and "mediocre" exist, is because they are true and most people are indeed "average" and "mediocre." And the die-hard Democrats, who are Democrats because they are and always vote for a Democrat and think Republicans are morons and everything is a giant conspiracy and anything against the person they support, is just plain crazy; you will never convince them otherwise. They accept the fa├žade, they enjoy the ruse, and even in time after it is concretely known that Obama is not American nor qualified to be President, they will still be in a state of disbelief..

The “News” doesn’t exist anymore. And it is really horrible that 95% of the Media is in love with and blindly supports Barack Obama. All we have today are editorialized opinions written and touted on a forth to sixth grade reading level. And we have gross extremes; from FOX broadcasters shouting, to CNN broadcasters with cleft-assholes, to comedians on Comedy Central, now deemed reporters. If you are lucky, perhaps after you couple all the News, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other daily tangible periodicals; perhaps you can find some “news” slash “facts.” And if you read the “editorials” in other countries, or if you go to Italy, go to England, go to France, go anywhere in Europe, and see if the Europeans like Obama. They don’t. They think he is a joke. They see him as a dope. And they think he is a weak President. The countries that “like” Obama as President are not the sort of countries America wants to or should associate with.

But back to his political record for a moment; did you know during ALL of his time in the Senate he never voted “YA” or “NAY,” he always voted “PRESENT.” This means that he never took a stand on anything. Who knows where he truly does stand on any issues. When running for President, if you asked Obama supporters to name “ONE” significant accomplishment Obama made during his time in the Senate, NO ONE could name even a single thing; and this is still true today. And his “Obama Care” is nothing new or different. All it does is FORCE Americans to buy Health Insurance from the corporations/Health Insurance Providers that exist and were earmarked in the bill. So congratulations, now you are forced to buy health insurance, and if you do not, you face time jail time/incarceration. Nothing in this world is "free."

This is also significant, during Obama’s time as President, Bills and Laws have been passed through the House and Senate that were brought out on handcarts and literally hundreds of thousands, and in some cases “millions” of pages. If you ask our politicians, those Congressmen and Senators who represent us if they “read everything,” or if their team “read everything,” they will tell you absolutely not. They openly have said it would be impossible to read everything; so they read/and or are briefed on the “gist of things.” So what exactly did they vote for? What is in those documents that are now law that no one ever looked at?

I will tell you one thing that is "snuck" into virtually everything: “gun control.” Our 2nd Amendment Right, is what allows us to keep our 1st Amendment Right. Our forefathers gave us the “right to bear arms” not to go hunting, or to even protect our “property;” we have the right to bear arms, because at any point if our government is committing crimes against humanity and crimes against “We the People,” we can regain control once again. The American people are designed to be more powerful and in control of our government. You are not going to protect the freedom of speech with a pen; you will need a machine gun. One of Obama’s more hidden agendas is to disarm the American people. 

I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, as Reagan said, there is no “left” or “right;” there is only “up” and “down,” and we are going DOWN quickly. If you are American, and you vote for Obama, you really need to get your head examined. There is no medication for your blindness, no prosthetic for your amputated logic. We have had two of the WORST Presidents in history back to back with George W. Bush and now Barack Obama. An astute person can see that Barack Obama is a “big government” type of guy, enjoying the Executive Power that George W. Bush implemented. They are very much the same and the “change” we have received isn’t even “more of the same,” it is a far worse evil. They have both put us back 25 to 30 years, with one exception; George W. Bush is an American and actually tried to do what he believed was in the best interests of the American people. If Obama wins again, America is finished as a country. We will not be able to un-fuck all that he fucked up because his policy will continue to be implemented and binding.

So in closing, the only choice we have is Mitt Romney. I don’t care about Mitt Romney’s tax records or how rich he is. I know he isn’t as rich as John Kerry, and we almost elected him. I also know that although I don’t agree with Mitt Romney on a number of issues, at least I know where he stands and what he believes. And I also know for a fact, without doubt, that his was born in the United States. I would like to see an equally powerful third political party in America. If Roseanne Barr stood a shot, I’d vote for her; I’d like to see a woman President. But in this election it is very important to make your vote count, and do your part to insure Obama does not win again. In a perfect world, Obama wouldn’t even be able to run for President again and the Democrats would run another candidate; but without a miracle, that isn’t going to happen. It is time to choose the lesser evil once again; it is time for “change.” And in time, it is my hope that the man who perpetrated the biggest lie in American history is dealt with in our courts and justice system.

Lastly, our “troops” are finally coming home from the Middle East. But what is their new mission? It’s a continuation of their previous mission, only this time their mission is to “fight” terrorism in America. To assist in the event of civil unrest and crowd control in the event our government needs to enact “Martial Law.” The way our military is being used at home, is a direct violation of the “Posse Comitatus Act;” but that’s so old and no one knows what it is. And this Administration, as well as the previous Administration have been waging a quiet war in America on America in case it is necessary to maintain what is called a “Continuity of Government.” And what about “The Patriot Act;” what about what can be construed as “terrorist acts or ideas?” What about those who engage in “unpopular speech” or ideas? What about our “freedom of speech,” our civil liberties, our “home as our castle?” The Patriot Act is beyond dangerous; and yet with all this “change,” the Obama Administration has kept it “on the books” and utilized this abuse of power.

Remember, America is a “System of Checks and Balances.” We are supposed to have a “Separation of Powers.” The best government is not one that keeps passing laws, and bills, and making amendments. It is supposed to be damn near impossible to “change” anything for good reason.  The government is supposed to do very basic things and preserve our “freedoms;” keep us safe and keep us prosperous. The government should not impose its will, grow larger, monitor us, and create more laws. Our domestic Government works best when there is great friction; except during turbulent times abroad when a swift and heavy handed Government is needed.

BARACK OBAMA QUOTES: (More reasons NOT to vote for this man who clearly is NOT a natural born American citizen or Democrat.)

"I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela." –Barack Obama

"There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white." –Barack Obama

“I was trying to raise myself to be a black man in America, and beyond the given of my appearance, no one around me seemed to know exactly what that meant.” –Barack Obama

“Desperate times called for desperate measures, and for many blacks, times were chronically desperate. If nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence.” –Barack Obama

“To avoid being mistaken for a [racial] sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.” –Barack Obama

“I decided to keep my own counsel after that, learning to disguise my feverish mood.” –Barack Obama



 “LOLO (Obama’s step father) FOLLOWED ISLAM….”I LOOKED TO LOLO FOR GUIDANCE.” –The Audacity of Hope


 “WE ARE NO LONGER JUST A CHRISTIAN NATION, we are also a Jewish nation, a MUSLIM NATION, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where Are ALL the Great Writers?

As an avid reader, I find myself saying, “Where are all the great writers?” With each passing year, the overall quality of literature that is written and recommended to us by the media and popular book clubs, is piss-poor to say the very least. Are there any modern “greats” hiding in plain sight?

I mean, with the advent of Social Networks, coupled with the ability everyone has to self-publish, buy a domain name, and or create a free website; doesn’t everyone have a voice? Doesn’t everyone have exposure? And wouldn’t it seem logical, that the cream of the crop would rise to the top; and that which is lesser would remain unnoticed or fade away?

As one of the world’s best Tweeters and literary minds, I have a rather large reach. And for many years on Twitter, I have expressed a desire to collaborate with and or assist individuals that may need help in any and every way I can.

I have tried to create with Twitter a new-aged “BloomsburyGroup;” a modern day collective of creative minds, philosophies, & ideas; it never really got off the ground. I have created communities on the popular networking game and tool “Empire Avenue;” and I am still a community of one.

The world isn’t logical. And Social Networks are not logical. And people are not logical. And this dumb-ing down of our society coupled with technological “advancements” and our own selfish nature, dare I say has not only destroyed the written world, but rendered any hope of future brilliant writers obsolete.

For a moment, let’s forget that very few people are avid readers and consummate students; but with no time for reading, when will one have time to write? For most writers, unless you are fortunate enough to have a best seller and get a book deal; writing is something one does in his or her free time or as a hobby.

So let’s assume you have to work, you have to eat and sleep and shower regularly; you have to do normal household chores, occasional trips to the supermarket and gas station; you exercise a few times a week and perhaps go out amongst the living to a bar on a Friday night. And you always have your “smartphone;” so you are always on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+; text-messaging, and checking that dinosaur we call e-mail.

So when does a writer have time to write a novel or collection of poems or short stories? Because as a Social Networking participant, you must always be creating content in those worlds, so when do you sit down to “write” for yourself?

Today most “writers” create a blog, with the hopes that they will one day take all his or her blog posts and turn them into a book of sorts. Or someone grabs his or her ear and tells them how brilliant their Twitter stream is, and how they should turn their stream into a book.Well, who the hell wants to read that? And didn’t folks already read that? So you are going to deliver the same goods, slightly rearranged and packaged slightly differently?

As a writer and speaking from experience, I would “create” and write more in one month, than I have in my four years of joining Twitter and being a part of other Social Networks. I am very fortunate that I was never into video games and the Internet and the vast majority of my writing and novels have already been written; it is just a matter of me deciding what I want to release next and tighten things up a little.

But you will not find a better book available to read then my collection of short stories. Pick up a book written yesterday or in the past 25 or 50 years; and then read my book, and you tell me which is better. Not only have I read all the “greats;” and hundreds of thousands of books; and have degrees in English and Linguistics; and was a journalist; and refined my vision and voice since 9th grade; but I worked on "Silent Pages, Loud Thoughts, Short Stories" for OVER ten years before releasing it.

An eBook for only $1.99 or $3.95? Let me say this about eBooks: anyone can write and “publish” an eBook. I for one could publish an eBook a day, because an eBook is nothing more than a glorified PDF. And that old saying, “you get what you pay for” in this case certainly holds true. The best thing you can buy for a few dollars is still candy, like M&M’s and Kit Kats, to enjoy while you hold in your hands and read a “real book” by a brilliant author. This ability to publish with great speed and publish at will and publish for free; has destroyed the craft and art of painstakingly laboring over creating a book and the process of “being published.”

Let’s take my favorite Social Network, Twitter, as an example. The 140 characters seen by all as a limitation, but seen by me as an opportunity, are grossly misused on a regular basis. The stream is not seen as art; and if it is static and not moving; it is viewed as dead and irrelevant. Who would ever go back and read 3,000 Tweets into someone’s time line? Who would even want to? Most Twitter streams, unless one uses Twitter to talk to friends, are absolute crap. We have a blind eye when it comes to the repetitive nature and nervous chatter of Twitter.  When we “tweet,” we do not value, refine, and prune our language; we simplify, abbreviate, and use slang, which is very different. (And Google+ has become a similar wasteland in a relatively short time.)

And just about everyone on Twitter is an expert. Everyone on Twitter is a guru of sorts. And everyone is an AUTHOR. Everyone and their sister has a “published book” to check out. And upon further examination, it turns out that these books are ALWAYS ebooks; which are free giveaways or can be purchased at a nominal fee.

But back to the “language” of text messaging and Twitter for a moment. What exactly are we conveying? Do our words, does our language even convey “meaning and understanding” anymore regularly? With all this added exposure and opportunity, is it possible that we have become more invisible and unnoticed by each other? Is it possible that what we transmit and convey to each other, is not as valuable and meaningful as we might be led to believe? (It is a bunch of crap. #Sixwords)

We are teaching our youth that technology is smart and bright; and that when connecting to the Internet, you can find “knowledge” and “information.” I ask us to reevaluate this, and perhaps encourage kids to go to the library and read comic books; and use technology when they are older, and their brains have matured.

You will never find more knowledge and information, than that which you can explore within tangible black and white paper pages. If you are an avid reader and enjoy intelligent conversation; I encourage you to connect with and engage me on Twitter @UnSeeingEyes.

If you are a brilliant writer hiding in plain sight; and you actually have written something more than a few pages and concept, and more than a few blog postings you are just cutting and pasting; I encourage you to connect with “Wood Press Publications.”  Like in my story “The Painter” (found in “Silent Pages, Loud Thoughts, Short Stories”), Wood Press Publications believes in “building to dreams, not limitations” and is committed to paying the highest royalties to both aspiring and seasoned writers, as well as engaging in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors. Wood Press Publications is helping change the world, and set new benchmarks, in this age of mediocre literature and self-published authors; and that is largely because I am a part of it; and my record and eye for excellence is written and clear. For more information, please go to WPP’s site; and note you will not find an e-mail address because NO electronic submissions of any kind are accepted.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Science Fiction

We are experiencing one of the worst droughts in the past 100 years; and possibly the worst drought in our history. Swamp gas, once trapped under miles of Antarctic ice, is beginning to escape, warming our mother Earth even more. Satellite images suggest Greenland's glaciers are melting at least 30 times faster than they were a decade ago. Quiet rumblings amongst the world's largest food companies are getting little to no press, but they are concerned as food costs increase.

This is not science fiction, or a short story by Bradbury, for this is the news in its truest sense, in an unbiased and empirical fashion. Under new laws intended to reduce foreign oil imports, now 40% of the US maize (corn) harvest “must” be used to make biofuels. And with the third consecutive warmest year we have ever had in our nation’s history, crop yields have already been reduced significantly. The European Union is passing legislation and moving towards biofuels to reduce carbon emissions as well.

Farmers and those in the timber industry are “getting in, while the getting is good.” The Amazon Rainforest is vanishing at an alarming rate of over 6,000 square miles per year; and “selective logging” has caused a 25% boost in “greenhouse gasses.” Another 6,000 plus square miles of the Amazon Rainforest are clear-cut annually for cattle grazing and the farming of domesticated animals. And let's not mention what our beloved Starbucks and coffee industry is doing to our environment.

China’s rise to global power has done wonders to our mother earth. Sixteen of the world's twenty most polluted cities are in China. China's economy has grown twentyfold since 1965, and its focus on economic development at unparallelled speeds has led to widespread disregard to our collective environment and mother earth. 

China suffers from the twin problems of water shortage and water pollution. More than one-third of China's population lacks access to clean drinking water; and approximately 70% of the country's rivers and lakes are polluted, with roughly two hundred million tons of sewage and industrial waste pouring into Chinese waterways annually. Not to mention, desertification in China has lead to the loss of about 5,800 square miles of grasslands every year; roughly the size of Connecticut.

But back to water for a moment: Less than 0.01% of the water on our earth is suitable for human consumption. The real number is closer to 0.007%, but I didn’t want to scare you. And plastic; plastic is toxic, and it has been embraced and is used everywhere for everything. And this plastic, all these bags and wrappers; are in our air, in our water, and in the food we eat. At least 46,000 pieces of plastic litter every square mile of every ocean on earth, and a swirling vortex of trash twice the size of Texas has spawned in the North Pacific. It is a plastic continent, that people can walk on and boats cannot motor on through.

Did I mention there are less than 250 Gorillas on the planet? The earth has been blessed with abundance, which humanity has taken advantage of. But with 21,894 plus living species becoming “extinct” each and every year; how much longer will our earth continue to be abundant? And what is happening to our Earth, is happening to our species. More than 15 languages die out each and every year; the average working vocabulary is now a mere 250 words; whereas in 1950, the average person had a working vocabulary of over 500 words. And what about “technological waste?” As we embrace every generation iPad and iPhone; as we continue to be forced to purchase new computers each and every year; where is all this going?

In the United States, beginning with George W. Bush, and continuing with Barak Obama; we are being led down a road to our ultimate undoing and demise. We are continuing to perpetuate mediocrity, and create false heroes with destructive legacies. Change has become the new “non-change,” and it can be argued that instead of receiving more of the same, what we are currently receiving is a far greater evil.

There is already a global shortage of food in many parts of the world and our homeland. Food prices are going to go through the roof in the very near future. Gas prices are going to go through the roof in the very near future. Our economy and housing markets will continue to struggle; and the divide between the rich and poor; will only become greater. Crime is going to go up. And “new laws” for our benefit, ultimately limiting our freedoms, will continue to be railroaded through our House and Senate.

As we let go of the tangible; as we watch our newspapers, books, and magazines disappear; and as we allow our command of language to atrophy; we will notice that those with an economic advantage, will have access to the “best” news sources now behind Internet "pay walls." As we embrace social networks; and continue to share pictures and thoughts about of our every bowel movement, we are in essence monitoring and policing ourselves. And very real laws, will come about, that will hold people accountable for “crimes;” that do not yet exist and will be as simple as taking something out of context. As we allow cameras to police and ticket us; big brother is indeed everywhere.

Specious reasoning, false logic, and passionate crusades for individual causes have gotten us this far. Biofuels are not the solution; and never have been. Our President, our global governments are giving it to us dry. And what is seen as innovation is in fact very old. Cars that run on Biofuels for example are nothing new and were proudly showcased during the 1964 and 1965 New York World’s Fair.

The answer to our global problems is clear, but that will be left for another News article. As well as a discussion about "Saudi Arabia" and the most sophisticated "desalinization" machines in the world. In the future, he who controls the "water" will control the world.

-Vincenzo Scipioni, is the Author of  "Silent Pages, Loud Thoughts, Short Stories" Available NOW. If you enjoyed this article, please "Check out Amazon" to read 5-Star Reviews and purchase this modern classic for only $15.98.