Thursday, October 18, 2012

RIP NinaFox_1 -A Beloved Twitter Presence-

It has come to my attention that a beloved member of the Twitter Community and one of my dearest friends has passed away this September 26th. Dodie @NinaFox_1 was a kind, generous, loving, altruistic, and inquisitive spirit. She was a consummate student, a daily presence, a source of positivity and optimism, and a reliable and trustworthy friend to all those with the privilege of knowing her.

The real people on Twitter, really care; and @NinaFox_1 surely saw every Twitter handle and avatar picture as a unique individual with a heart. She treated all people, all of the time, with dignity and respect. For Dodie, interacting with her Twitter friends and making those around her feel good was always her primary objective.

I quickly noticed in my relationship with Dodie, that whatever was going on in her life was on the back-burner, and what was important to her was what she could do to help myself and others. @NinaFox_1 was someone who was always there for me in good times and bad; when my mentor and friend Mr. Mel died she listened to and comforted me; to being one of the first people to buy my collection of short stories and support my book.

Dodie had a spirit of generosity that is seldom seen, and always took the time to share a song, say a kind word, send a direct message, say “thank you,” or bid you a “goodnight.” I know I will miss her being around, because she always brought me a sense of comfort and knowing; she helped me find hope in seemingly hopeless situations; and she helped renew my confidence during adverse times in my life. From the first moment I met her, to the last time I spoke to her, she always seemed “gentle and familiar.”

I have always said, Facebook is for those you know, and Twitter is for those you want to know, and I consider it a true honor that I got to know @NinaFox_1. Dodie’s presence, reach, and light cannot be quantified with numbers; and a horrible void is felt by all those who knew her and loved her. I would like to send my deepest condolences to all of her friends and family; as well as say “Thank you” to my friend Dodie for being someone “genuine” and a person of action in this age of facades and false heroes.