Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Social Networks & Spending Less Time on Twitter

It should come as no surprise to anyone, that I am not and never have been a “fan” of Social Networks and Smartphones. This is not because of the Social Networks and Smartphones themselves, for it is not their faults.  They are inanimate, mindless, and lifeless. I do not like either because of the way each are used and the idiocy they both create and perpetuate.

Today everyone has seen a video on YouTube. YouTube is the most “user friendly” of all the Social Networks because it is completely unnecessary for an individual to “sign up and log-into” the site in order to enjoy it. Anyone wanting to quickly listen to a song, or see a classic movie clip, or something stupid uploaded by your “Average Joe” knows how to find and navigate around that site.

Facebook has been around a hell of a lot longer than most people think. It has only become “mainstream” and popular the past few years. The question we should be asking is: “Why?” And the answer is simple; the world is in a depressed state.  Our economies are shit, and on a whole people are unsatisfied and in great debt. Facebook for the most part, makes people “feel good” and allows them to create a life that is more exciting than anything they live on a day to day basis. It makes people feel as though others care about what they have to say, and “feel as though they are important/have friends.” It is the most absurd and ridiculous thing in the world; it is destroying our cultures, in addition to policing our societies; and its legion of drones has made it a powerful entity. My point here is: many are “a part of” Facebook.

Google+ is another animal altogether. Google+ is all the Social Networks combined, and then some, with none of the asinine restrictions imposed on you, like those existing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In time, Google+ will prove to be the most utilized and valuable of the Social Networks; but that will not be for a long time because it is an unfamiliar and complex entity. The average person has not the time nor the patience to figure out how to navigate and connect with others. Once Google+ becomes exactly like everything else, people will begin flocking to it in unprecedented numbers.

Then there is Twitter. The ONLY Social Network I am actively a part of. The only Social Network of any real value; preserving both the autonomy and anonymity of each user if he or she chooses. It is old school. Unlike a Facebook, which encourages you to be “you,” and has gotten many folks fired from jobs, broken up many marriages and relationships, created cyber stalkers, and has gotten folks into trouble even before doing anything; on Twitter you can be a bird, a wolf, a sex goddess, a giant jerk, or “Just Mike,” Sara the singer, or a preachy cliché idiot.

Additionally, Twitter is “immediate.” Each user has the ability to create a compact bullet and shoot it out with immediacy; as well as the ability to within a diverse pool of individuals find a commonality facilitating the creation of lasting and genuine relationships. But Twitter today is very much like the Wild West; and those who have significant numbers and reach (power) have no soul or sense of compassion and humanity; but are cold, automated, and egocentric.

Social Networks are redefining “friendships” and altering the way in which we receive and process information. These days, I’m not so sure however of this notion of a “collective experience.” For the most part, Twitter, and the way in which individuals have and do use it, is a grave disappointment. And even if a few brightly light candles exist, they are all operating in a vacuum and void of darkness, so their luminosity is limited.

How long would you continue to water a dead plant? That is how I feel about Twitter; it is dead these days. And no amount of water, no amount of activity, will bring it back to life. That is the bad news; the good news is: The way in which Twitter exists today, it can be used in new and different ways we have not yet explored, entertained, or anticipated. We can plant a new tree. And the friendships I have made, are lifelong. There are beyond countless individuals I care about, who also care about me; and for that I am eternally grateful.

My decision to spend “less time” on Twitter upsets me greatly. The number of individuals attacking me on a regular basis has escalated to unprecedented numbers. Being called anything from a Nazi to a raciest to a homophobic person has taken a real toll on me lately. And it seems, even blocking an individual does not stop the attacks; it only adds fuel to their fire. Why someone would want to day in & day out make a career over attacking someone like me, doesn’t make any sense. Whether they are trolls or just miserable people, doesn't lessen the efficacy of their attacks.

So in closing, I will come to Twitter when I am feeling great, and I will log off once that feeling changes. I will engage folks less in the stream, and be more business like in my approach. If anyone ever wants to talk to me, I follow everyone back in order to give everyone the opportunity to connect with me in "Direct Messages." I find some of the most genuine and meaningful experiences I have had on Twitter, happen behind the scenes, and it is a remarkable thing.

A beautiful soul like mine doesn’t deserve to be continually hurt, and I do not want to turn into a bitter or angry person. People enjoy my stream so very much, because of my voice; my positivity, my optimism, the stellar content, and my consummate friendship and kindness. Whenever I take a break from Twitter, it is always difficult, but I always come back renewed and recharged. Spending less time on Twitter will afford me the opportunity to explore other avenues I am passionate about, as well as ensure that when I am here, I am the –V- you know, trust, and adore.

Please keep my stream active if you see that no tweets are coming from it for a few days. An inactive stream quickly dies, and I do not want all I have worked so hard to create to die only because I am taking the occassional break to preserve my well being.

Be kind to yourself and each other. I will see you all in the stream. And as always, enjoy your time on Twitter. Wishing all of you nothing less than the best and continued success and happiness. -V-

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  1. A great post! You discuss the pros and cons of social networks, especially twitter. As your opinions are based on your experiences ( both painful and fruitful), they are persuasive as well as insightful. I also have had similar experiences both good and bad on twitter...I'm often inspired by friends here and also hurt by others sometimes. So it seems good to spend less time on twitter like you. Well, may I suggest a remedy here? ( You may laugh at me, because you know better than I anyway ) I've recently read American novels often thanks to your influence and I happen to encounter this sentence from The Great Gatsby: "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,...just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." ( Is it like teaching Mother to suck eggs?) If you see some hurtful people, just remember this sentence. They may not be as intelligent as you are, they can be less kind and less sensitive than you are...perhaps your innocence and honesty ( which I think are your virtues) may make you more vulnerable than average persons...I hope this lengthy comment could help you feel better. Thanks for a thought-provoking post again.