Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Twitter Doesn’t Care: When A Stalker Calls You A Stalker & Wraps Falsities With Delusions

I do not recall the exact date, but here is what I do remember. An account followed me. I followed the account back. Shortly thereafter the account unfollowed me. I unfollowed the account back. Over the course of the next 16 months, this account would Re-Tweet my Tweets, but I paid it no mind and never checked to see what was going on in their stream, because it is a personal policy of mine that I do not interact with anyone on Twitter who does not follow me. I did however include this person on occasional lists thanking people who RT me for doing so; and some folks would even say, "Why are you thanking that person." Later I will learn that even this small and simple gesture was a tremendous mistake and I was feeding an absolute monster.

One day in late September of this year, I decided to take a look at this account. I thought to myself, “Why has this account that doesn’t follow me, or interact with me directly, continually Re-Tweet things from my stream on a regular and consistent basis?”  I was horrified to discover one of the most slanderous, absurd, delusional, and outright scary attacks I have ever seen, directly pointed at me, Vincenzo Scipioni, @UnseeingEyes on Twitter.

Master of the “sub-tweet” would be an understatement. I saw that this person for over 2,500 Tweets weaved hate speech, false accusations, and paranoid delusions around songs, quotes, stories, or news that I had shared on Twitter. Furthermore this person’s tweets claimed that EVERYTHING I share on Twitter is either stolen from them because I apparently installed “bugs” on their computer, and at times can read their mind; or EVERYTHING I tweet is a vicious attack perpetrated against and directed towards them. And mind you this is a person I know nothing about, and never paid any mind to after unfollowing them, to their estimation, some 16 months ago.

So after seeing this, WHAT DID I DO? I blocked and reported them to Twitter’s Support. I answered the question: “How many times has this happened?” by saying: "This person, who I do not know in any way, shape, or form, has said the most horrible falsities about me for over 16 months and 2,500 Tweets. It has only come to my attention 3 to 4 weeks ago; and I immediately blocked this person, didn't respond to or recognize them in any way; but to no avail. It has only intensified her hatred and delusions in a more stealthy fashion; and I am concerned for my well being."

Further description of problem:”  "I believe this account to be a severely mentally ill and dangerous woman. She believes I put cameras in her house, have a bug on her computer, steal her tweets/writing/poetry, steal her thoughts, post nude pictures and videos of her, am a murderer, part of the 1%; sometimes I am her son, her ex-husband; she claims she will expose me, all the people I've killed; and she throws the world STALKER around very freely; claims I've stalker her and aggressively attacked her with my every Tweet for 16 months.

This account followed me. When, I don't remember. I followed back. It unfollowed me; I unfollowed. Occasionally this account would RT me. Then I realized, EVERYTHING this account RTs, it then goes into a rant about how I am an "obsessive stalker," or a "sociopath," or a "murderer," or stole everything from her, or work for the government...EVERYTHING, all of my Tweets & interactions are supposedly aimed at her. Please READ the account of @SoulSonnet and permanently suspend it. I could not copy and past all of the offensive Tweets; but I assure you my phone is full over 100 screenshots of Tweets abusive, dangerous/slanderous tweets that tremendously concern me.

I love Twitter. I believe Twitter is the very best social network. It is responsible for my livelyhood. As an author using Twitter as a platform, I have sold over 7,500 books. My character is stellar. I created a Twitter Mentor Program consisting of people displaying courage, compassion, community concern, and tremendous character dedicated to assisting new Tweeters & showing them the ropes (signified by a "Green Badge.") I have been nominated for over 55 Shorty Awards and a finalist a few times. I have asked to be VERIFIED by you folks on a number of occasions, because that would further help my livelyhood & deter people from following all those who have mimicked me over the years. I want to help take Twitter to a new & better advantage and set new benchmarks in all industry standards. This account @SoulSonnet scares me; scares me enough that I no longer feel comfortable participating on Twitter which is so invaluable to my success and I love so much. Please help me with this account; please strongly consider verifying my account, and please get back to me. Wishing you all the best and continued success. -V-"

What was my 1st response from Twitter? NONE. Your request has been closed and dealt with. So I continued my discussion with Twitter’s Support by reiterating and sharing my concerns once again; while posting new “offensive” and “abusive” tweets that had happened just moments ago. This time, this person is claiming that the police have been watching me for four months and it is due to her grace that I am not where I belong? It just makes no sense to me. None of it. And once this user started talking about “my neighborhood” that also raised some concern because can this person actually have figured out where I live? They have spoken about burning down my house? Do they know where my house is?

Fast-forward to now. Since Twitter will NOT help me, and since I can no longer ignore this psychotic slander, I have asked YOU my Friends & Readers to report & block this person. If you haven’t already, please do so. Truly, -V-

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